Why Choose Jackpine Paddle?

Because the North is a spectacular place to explore, so why not discover it with Northerners? We employ experienced guides who not only live in the Northwest Territories, but grew up here with deep roots on our rivers and lakes. Based out of Yellowknife, NT, we know that when it comes to the North, there is no other place like it. And we know it like no one else. It’s the best paddling in the world: pristine, epic, and wild!

On a course, our instructors will improve your kayaking and canoeing skills in an atmosphere of fun and friendship! You can trust our teaching program and hands on approach to transform you into a safer, better and more confident paddler. We instruct under the Paddle Canada program, which ensures national standards and recognition for all of our paddling courses. 

As Northerners, we believe in protecting our own wild backcountry and supporting healthy communities here. Read below to find out more!